Character illustrations, Pixel art, VRoid, Emotes, Animation, Graphics, Photo, 3D.

*I'm only accepting commissions from mutuals at the moment.

Name: TSiOX Pronounced tsee-ox
Bday: July 8
Location: Sweden
Gender/Sexuality: None / Aromantic Pansexual
Pronouns: They/Them though I won't get angry if you say something else
Personality: INFJ-T
Fave Color: White & Black though I love all colors
Interest: Anime, Manga, Seiyuu, Utaite, J-music
Art Interest: Illustration, Pixel art, Graphics, 3D, Animation, Photo, Fashion
Software: CSP, PS, AE, Blender, Unity

Terms of use
!! Do not use my creations without permission !!

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