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!! Do not use my creations without my permission !!

Commission Info


Conditions to commission me (´・ω・`)- Please join my Discord server.- Commission requests can only be discussed through Discord dm.- Please understand that my unstable physical and mental health affects the commission progress.- Don't commission me if it's just to send me money, I don't want to spend time on an artwork that the client isn't interested in.- Don't commission me if you are economically unstable.- Don't commission me by impulse, please wait until you're sure.- Don't commission me art or models that are gifts for someone else, if it's for friends then it can be discussed.- I don't draw couples. I don't want to draw gifts for someone's partner or interest.- I won't make a model for you if you're not 100% sure you'll actively use it for a long time for content creation.- If you commission a model from me, know that I'll get sad when you decide to not use it or use it for a shorter time than planned. Think of it as adopting my child, was it just an impulsive commission at the moment? What was the point of me working hard? I don't produce stuff without any affection to it, I really care about every commission I have done.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

✅ Females, Androgynous✶, Semi-Furry✶
✅ Humanoids with Animal/Monster/Fantasy features
✅ Suggestive( ͡° v ͡° )
✶ I'm not good at drawing masculine men.
Furry Scale

(゚ロ゚;)WHAT I WON'T DRAW❌ Animals and fantasy creatures
❌ Too much anthro✶
❌ Western-style cartoon
❌ Some fetishes✶
❌ Suggestive or explicit L●li/Sh●ta content.
✶Anthro: semi-furry is fine, I'm not used to draw animals so it will be difficult.
✶Some fetishes: ex. Inflation/Obesity,Giantess,Vore.

Commission Information- The time making your commission depends, so using discord will be easier to get in touch.- Resolution sizes are usually about 3000-5000px- Prices are in EURO currency.Fast links:
- Calculator
- Simple Percentage Calculator
- Currency Convertor
Σ(゚Д゚|||) Now for the more detailed information

⚠️ Terms of Service ⚠️
Terms of Service can be changed over time so please come back and read it again if you're planning to commission me.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- I don't accept cryptocurrency or NFT.- You have to be over 18 years old to commission me. If I find out later that you are under 18 and have already commissioned me then I'm not responsible for your actions.- I'm not responsible if you have used someone else's paypal to pay the commission.- Prices are non-negotiable.- You're not allowed to send money directly to me without my consent. Payments will only be accepted via Paypal, I'll send you an invoice with my terms of service that have Buyer & Fraud Protection.- You must pay full price and in the correct currency.- The price could increase depending on what is discussed in the progress.- Once I started working on your commission you will not be able to cancel and get refunded.- I am permitted to cancel and subsequently fully refund your commission at any time during the process.- Major changes to the commission during the process will cost extra.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- All Commissions will be watermarked.- I own the works I have created and reserve the right to use the commission work for my own portfolio, websites, galleries etc.- You have to credit me if using my works on any site. Exceptions can be discussed.- You will not claim my work as your own.- You cannot sell my works in any way.- You don't have the right to mint/sell the art for NFT.- You are not allowed to sell the character design I or we worked together with without my consent.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- I have the right to refuse any commission work I do not wish to do.- Rushing me will not make me finish your commission sooner.- Being an unruly commissioner may lead to you being blacklisted after your commission is completed.- I am not obligated to redo commissions for free if my artistic skills would improve.- What isn't in the commission request will not be added. If you want changes later then additional charges will apply.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- The requested commission will be put in queue. I will tell you when I’m about to start with your work and at that time I'll send you an invoice.- The commission may be done on-stream like Twitch or Picarto. If it's a secret commission then please tell me.- I will require references depending on what you are requesting.- When I think the commission is finished, I will show the work and ask you if there should be some minor adjustments.- When it's all completed I'll send you bigger files through Dropbox.


If you can't find the answer you're looking for then please ask!

GENERALQ. What’s the origin of your name?
A. It doesn’t mean anything, I had to come up with something when I played games and such, I have no idea if there is something similar to it, if it does then it’s just a coincidence. Recently I have seen other people use my name, I feel uncomfortable about this but it’s not like I own my username, please be sure it’s me before contacting.
Q. How do I pronounce your name?
A. tsee-ox.
Q. Why do some people call you Tea socks?
A. It was born from a joke, that some people keep writing/saying Tisox without even noticing.
Q. Are you PorcelainMaid's manager?
A. No, I'm not.
Q. How many languages do you speak?
A. My native language is Swedish, I can speak English, I understand Japanese as long as it’s not difficult words.
Q. Where did you learn Japanese?
A. I did not learn from anyone, really… I just get easily influenced by watching/listening/playing games etc. but I guess if I actually did attend a language course I would learn it much faster.
Q. Gender?
A. Non-binary, they/them. I don’t want to be categorized with a gender, I’m both or none, but I don’t mind you saying he/she as long you respect my identity, but I hate it when people assume things just because of their gender. Doing something “manly” or doing something “feminine”, why do we have to categorize it like that? We should all do whatever we feel like and to not worry what others think. I want others to accept people who they are as a person.
Q. Sexuality?
A. Aromantic and Pansexual but I'm leaning more to women and non-binary. I have no interest in relationships or sex. I have no interest in making a family. Having close friends and relatives are much more important to me. Do NEVER try to convince me to get children, this is my life, not yours. We all have different idealism in how we want to live, please respect that.
COMMISSIONQ. How and where do I commission you? Price info etc?
A. There are links and info here: https://tsiox.carrd.co
Q. I want to commission you pixel art / panels / graphics / animation / etc.
A. I still don’t know the perfect pricing for everything but I’m always interested to hear what you want me to do and we can discuss pricing in discord dm.
Q. Why do you use EURO currency?
A. Most of my commissioners are from the states but I decided it will be easier for me if it's in EURO, even though my country don't use EURO we are still part of EU.
Q. I want to commission a vtuber model, is there something I should think about before commissioning?
A. Don't use Fiverr, find someone on twitter who look trustworthy.
OC / PERSONAQ. What gender is your persona?
A. Non-binary by default but they can be any gender depending on situation or artist.
Q. Can I draw your OC?
A. You don’t have to ask, I would be very happy if you drew any of my characters!
Q. Does your persona have boobs? Can I adjust your character design to my liking?
A. No they don’t have boobs, but I don’t mind if people draw them with boobs, you’re free to adjust the design to your own liking (as long it’s not something that will make people offended), I’m just very happy that I get fanart.
Q. Can I lewd your characters?
A. Yes! Please read guidelines in https://toyhou.se/6581994.tsiox
ART RELATEDQ. What Tablet and Program are you using?
A. Cintiq Wacom 22HD, Clip Studio Paint Pro.
Q. Why did you start doing art?
A. I have always been doing creative things. The reason I continue with it is to get away from reality for a moment, have it as my stress relief and I feel like I don't have any worth if I wasn't able to do art.
Q. How do you survive your art block?
A. When I get an art block it’s usually because of a heavy depression and anxiety episode, the energy and motivation are drained out.
When it happens I try to change the environment, I go socialize with relatives and friends, and from doing that I usually get the energy and motivation back to do something, though it takes a long time.
Q. Who made your model?
A. I made it.
Q. Who else did you make models for?
A. My very first model I made for PorcelainMaid, after that I made models for Kadukununu, LifeInASek, Puddlinq, AsterellaStar, Fyuwukii, BlueBirdHay, Sweaty and more.
Q. How are you able to move?
A. I use a software named VDRAW.
Q. Can you help me with vroidstudio?
A. Vroidstudio have tutorials. There are tutorials on Youtube, there are also discord servers.
TWITCHQ. Why don’t you accept song requests?
A. I don’t see the reason why I should, I don’t use a mic so you don’t have to listen to my music.
Q. Why don’t you use a mic?
A. I’m not comfortable with my voice, but I hope I’ll one day be able to speak.
Q. Why do you use StreamElements instead of Streamlabs?
A. I like it more, more customizable, take less CPU/RAM, won’t take a percent from the donations. I also noticed that the SE bot was much faster at responding than the SL bot though idk if they have fixed the issue now, but I don’t really care if they have.
Q. Who made the emotes?
A. TsioxGasm is made by Nekomuu, TsioxSmol by SadBunnyArt and TsioxComfy by Celliron. All other emotes are made by me.
A. Can you see the pixel characters walking around in the bottom of the screen? you can see one of them have your name on it, that one is your avatar! you can customize your avatar in the purple box extension in the panels, you can switch to different tabs to find different content, most of the content cost crystals, you can earn crystals by being active on stream and join raffles and battleroyale.
More about Stream Avatars HERE
Q. How do I exactly earn crystals?
A. Viewers 5 Crystals/10min.
Subscribers 15 Crystals/10min.
Cheering 100 bits = 2 Crystals.
Subscribing = 1000 Crystals.
Follow = 500 Crystals.
(non anonymous)Tipping $1 = 100 Crystals.
Host = 10 Crystals.
Join raffles in chat, you can win up to 2000 Crystals in each raffle.
Battleroyale is an auto battle with the current active people in chat, you can win 500 crystals.
Q. Where did you get these avatars and stuff?
A. I made them. If you see someone else using suspiciously identical avatars then please contact me, tracing my avatars are forbidden!
Q. Panel won't work! I'm not able to edit my avatar
A. If it won't work then refresh the page, if it still won't work then it could be something wrong with their server....
Q. I lost my items!
A. If you’re a trusted and active person in my stream then I’ll help you retrieve what you lost.